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The MNO-Wide Self-Government Engagement Plan maps out a process to inform, involve, collaborate with, and empower Métis citizens to build a Métis government and Constitution they can believe in, support, and rely on.


In an effort to cThe time has come to navigate Métis self-government through conversations and collective decisions. Every voice matters! Citizen by citizen, community by community, everyone will be encouraged to engage in conversations, contribute ideas, ask questions and, importantly, listen to each other. There will be opportunities to learn and think together; and to help design and support innovative, Métis solutions.

Through many conversations, the citizens of the MNO will provide input, and will collaborate on what our Métis Government will look like. Then, a province-wide referendum will be held for electors to approve the Self-Government Agreement (MGRSA) and Constitution.

What are the goals of engagement?

1.     Fulfill commitments made within the MGRSA and Regional Implementation Agreements.

2.     Provide Métis citizens with relevant, objective, and timely information.

3.     Make available a variety of methods for Métis citizens to join conversations and share views. 

4.     Connect and discuss with Métis citizens, and ensure their concerns and ideas are understood and considered.

5.     Gather and document all comments, ideas, and key data from MNO citizens.

6.     Facilitate the shaping of ideas and solutions.

7.     Draft a Constitution.

8.     Ratify the Constitution and MGRSA.

What are the planned outcomes?

1.    Métis citizens will receive the information they need, when they need it, and in the manner that best suits them.

2.    Métis citizens will understand the information, opportunities, issues, alternatives and potential solutions.

3.    Métis citizens will participate in Métis government-building activities, and provide input.

4.    Métis citizens will be comfortable in providing informed input, and will feel like their contributions are productive and valued.

5.    Métis citizens will have greater trust and confidence in our Métis government.

6.    Métis citizens will become more actively engaged in Métis activities, communities, and leadership.

7.    Métis citizens will believe the resulting solutions are fitting, high-quality, comprehensive, and sustainable.

8.    Métis electors will vote to ratify the Self-Government Agreement (MRSGA) and the Constitution.

What do we need to discuss and decide during engagements? 

Our future Métis government will be shaped using the ideas and solutions gathered through engagement streams that flow one after the other, with each informing the next. Within each engagement stream, there will be information for context; questions to answer; ideas and solutions to collaborate on; and/or decisions to make.  We will work together on this over a 3 year period.

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